The Basics of Wireless Network and Travel Routers

The Basics of Wireless Network and Travel Routers

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Travel routers have become a popular item in the market. This is due to the fact that many people connect to the internet at any time and place.

Indeed, gaining internet access has become of great importance to various people these days. Some use it for their jobs, while some need it in running their businesses. Also, some go online to talk to their loved ones.

Let us discuss using travel routers. How do they work, and how important is it to have one?

How Do Travel Routers Work: Basics of Wireless Network and Travel Routers

Let us try to understand the basics of a travel router. Here are some facts about this device that will show how it works:

Travel routers work with various devices

Just like the regular router you have at home, a portable router allows multiple devices to share a connection. If you are on the road but need your phone, tablet, and laptop to be online simultaneously, then having the latter is a great solution. You may also want to share it with your family and friends who are traveling with you.

They have various sources of power

Basically, a travel router can be powered by a power bank, some or all types of laptop, and an AC adapter. But not all routers are made equal. For this, you need to closely check your prospective item to determine how it is powered. From there, you can make your choice based on your personal preference.

Some come with USB ports for file sharing

One of the best benefits of having a portable router is that you can use it with your friends anywhere. You can do various things with it; for instance, share numerous files. Having a USB port makes file sharing easier, whether you want to transfer your files from a personal device to another, or you just want to share some with your friend’s device.

Using these devices is a good way to share a 3G or 4G network

This is especially true when you are on the road, camping, or in a hotel. Just make sure your router works well with the internet service providers in the local region.

They have the capacity to create a safe hotspot

With such ability, using a travel router is much better than opting for a public Wi-Fi, which may lack the security level that you need. These days, with the number of compromised security cases increasing, it really pays to have your own safe hotspot.

They can easily transform a connection

Do you need to connect multiple devices to the internet but there is only a single Ethernet connection? Don’t worry! Your portable router can easily transform the connection. It is also helpful for mobile devices with no Ethernet ports.

Advantages of Using a Wireless Network

Business operations and transactions should be conducted with speed, accuracy, and convenience. These make wireless networks a choice of most users.  Here are some advantages of Wi-Fi networks:

A Wi-Fi network is cost effective

Installing a hardwired network may be expensive; cabling and labor cost much. Initially, installing a wireless network may cost more but maintenance costs are much lower, so you actually save in the long run.

Furthermore, scalability doesn’t involve additional expenses. Adding new users or changing office location is easier and more convenient. You just have to use a new password and inform the server.

It facilitates productivity

With access to wireless network, employees can work jointly on a project wherever and whenever it is needed. Their productivity increases; hence, they accomplish more tasks.

It provides mobility

Being able to work anywhere within the building premises or office and having access to a wireless network greatly helps employees perform their tasks. They can have their meetings anywhere and carry out transactions carried, even if the persons concerned are miles apart.

It offers VOIP

A wireless network enables you to make phone calls using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). The call is usually free, although it also depends on the country and device you are using. However, it is a lot cheaper than the regular international call.

It encourages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Having access to a wireless network, employees are encouraged to bring their own devices to their workplace. By doing so, they can accomplish their tasks in less time and at their convenience. On the other hand, employees can save on costs of having to install hardware devices.

It provides access to guests and clients

With a wireless network, your company can grant internet access to your visiting guests and clients while they’re doing business with you. They can gather data or read emails and answer them while waiting for their turn.


The advancement of technology has provided lots of options to us in different aspects, including gaining internet access. With the existence of portable routers, we can now go online to serve different purposes anytime and anywhere.

Just make sure to be a responsible buyer, so you can get the best item for you. Keep in mind that each router comes with features that may or may not work well for you depending on your needs.