TP-LINK TL-WR810N Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router w/ Access Point/ TV Adapter/Repeater/Hotspot (WISP) Modes, Up to 300Mbps

 TP-LINK TL-WR810N Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router Review

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Have you ever wondered if we humans can work out 3 or more things out at the same time and rate almost perfectly and conveniently? That means our brain would be at work at every of its faction, sending various sensory messages all the time and receiving the expected output almost immediately.

We would be too perfect to need any help or tools. If all these activities could be done with the brain at a time, which is actually not possible, there would be no reason to create new innovations and technology would rather be in its crude state of little exposure and more or less a waste.

Technology has helped a lot in our lives these day and the stress of thinking too much has been so reduced with the help of this so called tool that our technological gadgets can now do the lot of thinking that brings about the perfect, expected and required result we're looking for, but wait, these devices need be connected to the internet before doing the thinking for you.

Here is a device that has got your back and considered to be second to none in terms of quality and durability coupled with the less stress and much convenience you get while handling it. The  TP-LINK TL-WR810N Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router.

This is the super gadget that works like the brain and creates the connections for your phones and laptop with other devices to think for you. Coming with lot more nice packages and benefits this time and different from its predecessors, it has been designed in a fashioned portable that you can take it anywhere with you and also with a power adapter inclusive.


  • One switch system that enables you to change to multiple modes of your choice
  • An in-built power adapter attached to the device
  • A highly trusted warranty that lasts up to 2 years backed up with technical support
  • Small, durable, compact and pocket size model suitable for use both at home and while away
  • Two reserved ports for Ethernet cables
  • A connectivity technology for both Wi-Fi and wired connections


  • Portable and pocket size device suitable for use anywhere because of its versatility
  • Can be easily connected to one or more computer
  • Has a maximum ease of installation and configuration
  • Can be secured from external Wi-Fi users with passwords (an uncommon advantage)
  • Highly secured encryption preventing it against any hacking whatsoever
  • Delivers up to 300mbps which is super fast
  • Can improve strength signal and extended for maximum coverage
  • It can compete with the match of a router
  • Can be easily switched to modes of your choice
  • Can create a connection for more than 5 gadgets


  • No USB connection/port attached directly to this model(N300)
  • It can only work under perfect ideal conditions rather than adapting to the available network in the locality
  • Almost totally condemned when the in-built power adapter inclusive is destroyed
  • Although easy to configure, it takes much time to do so
  • Non user friendly interface
  • Maybe selective to some Ethernet cables


The device has also been tested to run smoothly under perfect conditions and deliver nice output talking of the power usage and also the speed it takes to help adjust your network bandwidth if you want it to, this guarantees you to stream videos, play online games, make VoIP calls and can also act as a portable Wi-Fi device that is compact and fits into your pocket or purse.

Additionally, it can also act as a router, an access point, TV adapter. Courtsey of the one switch that allows you to choose and carry out any operation among the list above. If you're finding it hard to lay your hands on at first, there's an instruction manual embedded in its package to guide you through without making mistakes. Why wouldn't you want to go for a product that acts as a partner and almost perfect for you!!!


Basically a top notch product would have a competitor in the market and the edge this device has proven it to be a standout product despite its disadvantages that stands too but it's advantages have got an good edge to be a sought for product.

Compared to different product /brand in this same category, the inclusive power adapter attached to the device makes it a product you would want to go for rather than you looking for an external adapter for power.

Although, devices like Hootoo has got a tight competition with the tplink device in terms of USB port connection present in it and suitable for streaming and simultaneously acts as a USB card reader slot, one Ethernet port, a switch button as well.

Other Hootoo devices have an external battery pack that is up to 10,000mAh and more than too. Talking of its compact structure, it is not as confident as that of the device in review.

Another strong competitor called RAVpower came to the party o with a filehub, USB portable hard drive too. Furthermore, they all are likely to differ in quality, durability, duration of warranty if included, network strength, Wi-Fi strength having seen the specifications of this one product listed above. You should know what you're expecting before unboxing it.


In conclusion, before choosing the best product to partner your gadgets with, much preference and focus should be given pros and if at all the cons are giving you a reason of doubt, you should consider the edge the pros have over the consequences.

Here is a  TP-LINK TL-WR810N Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router that is compact and pocket sized with an power adapter inclusive, a click that allows you to switch to multiple modes of your choice easily, wired and wireless devices are allowed access only if granted by the user that also can maximize the network coverage and it comes with a two year warranty with technical support. There's nothing stopping you from getting value out of your money if you're choosing an exceptional device to partner your computer gadgets and phone(s).