What Does a Travel Router Do

What Does a Travel Router Do?

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Do you want to know exactly what a travel router does? Then you’ve found the right page. Here you will learn everything you need to know about this device and why you should invest in one.

Suppose you are traveling to a foreign country. Of course, you have to book a hotel room where you can stay for days. While most hotels offer WiFi, some still use a wired connection that can only accommodate one device at a time. What if you don’t have a laptop but only a tablet? Or what if you forgot to buy a data plan for your phone? How can you get online? The answer is to use a travel router.

What is a travel router?

Travel routers fall under the category of broadband routers that are designed for connecting mobile devices to the internet. They are sometimes called mobile routers as they are portable, compact and easy to carry.

Travel routers work in the same way as other WiFi routers. If you have a router at home or at your office, you will have an idea of how it works. The only difference is that a travel router is smaller and more suitable for traveling. But in terms of the basic features, they are the same.

How do you distinguish a travel router?

There are a lot of ways to tell if what you got is a travel router. First, look at its size. Is it compact? Travel routers should be less than 10 cm in width and height, and should also be thin and sleek enough to fit into the pocket. This way, they are more convenient to bring anywhere you go and don’t occupy too much space in your luggage.

A travel router should also have a built-in battery so that you can use it without having to worry about finding an electrical outlet. Although there are some models that have to be plugged into a socket to be used, most are battery powered. Other travel routers have USB ports, allowing users to charge their other devices via a USB cable.

A travel router should also have a tethering capability, allowing for an internet connection or sharing via 3G or 4G data. It should have a slot for a SIM card too. This way, when there aren’t any Ethernet or WiFi hotspots available you can still get online. In some models the manufacturers have incorporated something called a cellular modem, which enables the router to work without tethering.

Travel routers also work as access points by default. This means they convert a wired connection to a wireless one so that multiple devices can share one connection at the same time. Some of them even have options or modes like a media bridge and range extender, eliminating the dead spots in your area.

What does a travel router do?

They might look so small, but travel routers can accomplish big things. They let you connect wirelessly to public WiFi networks such as in hotels, airports and cafes. They also simplify the management of devices connected to the same network. Whether you have an iPad, smartphone or laptop, a travel router is sure to help you stay connected wherever you go.

What brand of travel router should you choose?

A lot of home WiFi router manufacturers have made their own versions of travel routers. This includes big companies such as Netgear, Huawei and D-Link. One of the smallest models is the Nano Router made by TP-Link. Routers in the Nano Router range are as small as candy bars or portable phone chargers.

What are the benefits of having a travel router?

The obvious benefit of travel routers is that you can stay connected to your family and friends even while you are away. And the process is not too difficult since your devices do not need to add new WiFi networks every time you visit coffee shops, airports and hotels. You can keep your smartphone or laptop connected to the router and just connect the router to the different networks.

You know the risk of connecting to public WiFi networks that can be easily hacked. With a travel router, you also get a more secure WiFi hotspot for your family. Aside from this, it can also make your vacations cheaper as you can just pay for one internet connection which can be shared by everyone.